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Experience. Sensitivity.


Editors teaming up.

La Corte is an editing studio created to offer the best solutions for audiovisual projects which require teams of editors for their post-production workflow.

In recent years, the growth of series and international coproductions has led to the need to create increasingly large and organized editing teams who can guarantee impeccable work, in both creative and logistical terms. Our company was born to satisfy that need.
We focus on analysing the creative needs of the projects we take part in, to be able to tailor the best team of professionals at the service of each production.

We like to get involved in projects early, from the preproduction stage, to get to know in depth the creative proposal and join forces with the producers to achieve the best result possible for the project.


Stefani Longshamp

Multiple locations connected. Collaborative work.

La Corte has creative spaces and editing facilities in Mexico City, Madrid and Barcelona, giving us a strong presence in the most important film centers of the Hispanic market.
Our workplaces are equipped with all the necessary tools to be able to create an ideal environment for the creative process.
All our facilities have the highest standards of safety and technology, guaranteeing world-class collaborative work.

Max Reinert
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